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Philadelphia Teens Redefine The Term ‘High School Drop Out’

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PHILADELPHIA- A group of Philadelphia students are redefining the term “high school drop out” and calling themselves high school “push outs.”

Members of the “Yes Philly Program,” which helps students receive their GED, created a documentary to address the stereotypes that come with not finishing high school.

“The word dropout comes with so many negative stereotypes. So we decided to start over and kind of define ourselves,” said  Mary Simmons, a member of the Yes Program.

Taylor Frome, the executive director of Yes Philly, created the program 11 years ago in response to the 50 percent dropout rate in Philadelphia.

“What I saw was they had huge potential, that they were smart and that if you gave them right opportunity they could really turn their life around and be an asset,” Frome said.



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