New York’s Legislature and Gov. Andrew Cuomo restored $51 million to New York City schools, $45 million to Long Island schools and $134 million to upstate schools under last-minute negotiations in the state budget Wednesday.

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The restorations spread over 700 school districts statewide represented in most cases only slight improvements. Senate Republicans prevailed in gaining slightly larger shares for upstate and suburban schools than under Cuomo’s budget.

Still, what’s being cut from the state’s $21 billion in annual school aid is historically deep. By the Legislature’s count, the statewide cut will still be $697 million statewide. That’s down from what they say was a $929 million cut under Cuomo’s budget proposal.

Previously, Cuomo said his cut totaled $1.5 billion, but that included $600 million in one-time federal money.

The distribution of the restoration wasn’t worked out until late Wednesday night, hours before the $132.5 billion budget was to be voted upon.


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