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Elev8 columnist Ingrid Michelle weighs in on whether gays and lesbians should adopt. Michelle addressed the issue after watching Rosie O’Donnell’s “Family is Family Is A Family” whic airs on HBO.

Michelle describes it as follows: “where kids offer touching, profound and often funny insights about what being a family means to them.  Among those featured are: children with two fathers or two mothers…”

Despite seeing the children’s perspective on what family means to them, Michelle uses the show as an opportunity to examine her concerns about gay and lesbian adoption. Below are a couple of Michelle’s reservations about the topic.

* “I kept thinking that these children with two dads and two moms would never have the opportunity to decide whether or not they agree with homosexuality because it is the norm of their household.”

* “Who teaches these kids about societal sexual norms?  Which parent (Dad #1 or Dad #2) makes a clear cut case for heterosexuality and procreation – that which they will never know in the structure of their current union?”

Her arguments are thin at best. Do children really need to decide whether they agree or disagree with homosexuality? And is since when is a discussion about sex, sexuality and procreation relegated to one parent or the other?

If a person doesn’t agree with gays and lesbians, having children, adopting children or even marrying, that’s fine. But let’s not trod out tired arguments about the definition of family. We have single mothers raising children, single fathers raising children, blended families and any other variety of loving homes.