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Editor’s note: This is the first edition of 360You. It’s a column dedicated to rejuvenating our spirits by transformational speaker Tanya Wilson.

Are you celebrating with me that spring has finally arrived? Can we put away those ugly snow boots and heavy jackets? Not sure about you, but I am ready for some sunshine and blue skies! A little heat will be nice, it has been cold for too long. I am ready for the transformation and the transition that is typically associated with spring time.

Traditionally, many of us think in terms of spring being a time of house cleaning, moving our winter attire to another closet making room for our spring and summer wear. For some it means, we can wear white again or pull out our shorts and tees and no one will look at us funny. Or we are out in our yards, hoping all this hard work and sweat is going to pave the way for the neighborhood “lawn of the year.”

While all those things have value, the personal spring preparation of YOU outweighs them all. Described as a noun, Webster Dictionary states that “spring, is a season of growth, or a transition period between winter and summer.” Described as a verb, Webster states that “spring, is to make a leap or series of leaps; to grow as to come into being; to issue by birth or descent. When we concentrate on the words described by Webster in addressing “spring” as both a noun and a verb, we see words like growth, transition, leaps and coming into our being. Let’s face it, we are often just going through the motions, of caring for our stuff without any consideration of the personal side of our lives.

As a transformational speaker, author, and life and leadership coach, the focus attached to our personal development is an area that I have spent more than 20 years emphasizing. Many of us don’t realize that with all that we do day to day, how much of ourselves is in jeopardy of getting lost in the shuffle. I want to challenge you to spend the next couple of weeks with me as we prepare together to conduct some personal spring cleaning. Let’s engage in some discussion on topics such as “Does my bank account look as good as my flower beds?” “Is my personal and professional closet in order, or do some things need to be boxed up?” “What is the state of my relationships, do they need watering?” “Have I established boundaries in my life that allow the sun to shine, or are too many things planted close together?”

I declare this spring 2010, as our personal opportunity for change to manifest within each of us. We will build ourselves from the inside out. We are going to make our personal growth our priority. We are going to bloom where we are planted.


Walk with me through these next couple of weeks as we conduct our personal inventory, discussing these topics and more in hopes of unearthing the most powerful garden of all, YOU.

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