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What is it about Wal-Mart that breeds so much trouble? It isn’t clear whether or not the person who made the announcement was an employee or just an intrepid racist shopper who found their way to the P.A. system microphone. Either way, apart from being ignorant, this stunt sounds really juvenile. The store later used the announcement system to apologize, but some shoppers have opted to boycott the store over the incident. That response doesn’t seem particularly well-thought out: Isn’t a boycott a roundabout way of giving the announcer exactly what he wanted? – NewsOne


(CNN) — Police in New Jersey arrested a teenager in connection with a public-address-system announcement telling “all blacks” to leave a Wal-Mart store, a police spokesman said.

The 16-yaear-old boy is from Atlantic County, New Jersey, said deputy police chief John Dalesandro of the Washington Township Police Department. The suspect was arrested Friday in Atlantic County on bias intimidation and harassment charges, police said in a statement Saturday. He is in custody of his parents, police said.

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