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Recently, President Barack Obama pledged his efforts as well as $900 million to stop the national high school drop out crisis. The efforts of one leader and money are not enough to stop the problem, but it is a start.

The current education system offers no skills or career opportunities to the many minority students who occupy our inner city schools. While some may blame it on the “culture” of African Americans and our inner city, it is a problem created by the American educational students, not African American children.

We’ve seen the example of the British twins who set records on the National exam that led them to be the first children of their age admitted to high school. Their father gave the credit to a program that helps inner city children from disadvantaged backgrounds, and not to some sort of genius gene that allowed them to exceed academically. Surely if the U.S. had more programs like the ones in England, more African American students would have the chance to meet their academic accolades.

The urban education crisis is hardly a new one for years the American government has neglected the educational needs of the poor African Americans and Latinos who occupy many of our city centers.

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