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Spring is around the corner and for ‘all my single ladies’– loneliness may emerge, especially when we hear of  the statistic that 42% of black women have never been married. What’s a single, black female to do? Well, if we assume that it’s true and think of  it through ’the glass is half full’ mantra. It also says that the majority, 58% of black women have been married.

Studies like this do nothing but make women fearful of being alone, and  give men too much power. Men do not have vaginas, so they do not deserve that much power. The well-educated, black man already feels like a hot commodity. He will date then bed as many of us as his heart desires. We need to flip the script. We are single today and now we can guide each other down the dating path that will end not just in marriage, but in a good one. Below is a formula to help you find the right mate.