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Serena Williams opens up about her postpartum journey, specifically the pressures women place upon themselves to snap back after giving birth.

Taking to Instagram on Wednesday (May 22), the tennis player posted a video of herself trying on a long Valentino denim shirt she purchased while she was pregnant with the intention of fitting it after she had her baby.


“I was like, ‘I’m going to fit this when I don’t have a belly,’” she said in a video she posted to her feed in January 2024. 

But, it didn’t fit. Back in August 2023, Williams gave birth to her second child, Adria. After her initial attempt to get into the skirt in January, she said she would go to the gym and try it again. At the time, she figured, it would take her a month to fit the garment.

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In the May 22 clip, almost 6 months after her first attempt, Williams showed herself trying on the skirt once more, but it wouldn’t rise above her hips.

“I just want to cry,” she said. She remarked that the skirt was now an inch higher than it was during her first try, but said she’s still disappointed.

However, Williams comment section was flooded with messages of support.

“Thanks for showing us that you have the same struggles we do,” one Instagram user said. 

“If you don’t jump to put jeans on, then you don’t feel my pain,” another user said, quoting Beyonce.

Even actress Octavia Spencer chimed in: “Thank you for doing this and showing that it’s a process after giving birth for world class athletes. You’re even more stunning and real!”

The journey toward body positivity is non-linear. There will be ebbs and flows. Back in February, Williams posted a bikini picture with her youngest celebrating her postpartum body. No matter what Williams chooses to post based on her personal feelings towards her body, she has shown the world loving your body in its current state is essential and perseverance to whatever goal you have is key.



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