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Summer Activity Ideas - Female friends at a boat party

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Long, sunny days. Clear, cool nights. Undoubtedly, summer is upon us. The annual problem of our generation is finding a good way to spend the allotted 104 days (or whatever Phineas and Ferb said).

What we’re saying is, the kids aren’t the only ones who should have fun this season. New adventures are available for adults during the summer, too.

If you’re looking for a place to start, here are 105 activities to add to your summer bucket list.

  1. Adult summer camp (this one is top rated)
  2. Join a book club
  3. Have a staycation
  4. Help clean up a park
  5. Take a cooking class
  6. Write a short story
  7. Host a worship night
  8. Ride a hot air balloon
  9. Attend an women’s or men’s retreat
  10. Complete your library’s summer reading plan
  11. Try archery
  12. Join a kickball team
  13. Take a salsa class
  14. Visit a winery
  15. Go horseback riding
  16. Attend a festival
  17. Have a picnic
  18. Host a pool party
  19. Go hiking
  20. Try laser tag
  21. Have a water gun and water balloon fight
  22. Try water skiing
  23. Refresh your wardrobe
  24. Try mini golfing
  25. Complete a 5k
  26. Take karate classes
  27. Go fishing
  28. Become a mentor
  29. Go on a cruise
  30. Host a themed night
  31. Start a garden
  32. Take a flower arrangement class
  33. Try rock climbing
  34. Complete a scavenger hunt
  35. Attend a concert
  36. Go roller skating
  37. Try skydiving
  38. Join a supper club
  39. Host a BBQ
  40. Try glass blowing
  41. Take a wheel throwing class
  42. Take a coding class
  43. Host a karaoke night
  44. Take swimming lessons
  45. Attend a personal growth retreat
  46. Take tennis lessons
  47. Start a small business
  48. Visit a farmer’s market
  49. Rent a cabin
  50. Visit an amusement park
  51. Go on a road trip
  52. Learn to change a tire
  53. Take a makeup class
  54. Fly kites
  55. Visit an art gallery
  56. Attend jazz festival
  57. Host a charcuterie board night
  58. Attend a museum event
  59. Visit a carnival
  60. Create a gratitude jar
  61. Start a YouTube channel
  62. Go camping with friends
  63. Complete a Bible study and prayer challenge
  64. Watch the sunrise and sunset
  65. Create a vision board
  66. Host a movie night
  67. Study a new language
  68. Have a “Mukbang”
  69. Make your own candles
  70. Create a scrapbook
  71. Attend an estate auction
  72. Have a spa day
  73. Go on a road trip
  74. Feed the homeless
  75. Have a beach day
  76. Visit a new state
  77. Have a photoshoot with your friends or family
  78. Host a game night
  79. Visit an aquarium
  80. Enjoy a drive-in movie
  81. Try a dessert crawl
  82. Dance in the rain
  83. Go on a nature walk
  84. Enjoy homemade popsicles
  85. Complete a journaling challenge
  86. Attend a charity event
  87. Declutter your home
  88. Host a family game night
  89. Go ziplining
  90. Run through the sprinklers
  91. Complete a budgeting or savings challenge
  92. Participate in a beach clean up project
  93. Visit a dine-in theater
  94. Host a pool party
  95. Attend a professional conference
  96. Take a dance class
  97. Attend a live taping of a talk show
  98. Visit a new city
  99. Go on a sunset dinner cruise
  100. Try a new hair cut or color
  101. Implement “Summer Fridays”
  102. Get a new pet
  103. Host or join a small group
  104. Go bike riding
  105. Take a photography class

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