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Supreme Court Rules Affirmative Action Is Unconstitutional In Landmark Case With Harvard And UNC

Source: Eros Hoagland / Getty

Protesters surged into the heart of the quad at the University of North Carolina campus, swiftly replacing the American flag with the Palestinian one. Their rallying cries of “From the River to the Sea” and “Free Palestine” echoed across the grounds.

Subsequently, they formed a human chain, obstructing CBS 17 cameras and forcefully displacing crews.

According to Queen City News, law enforcement later escorted Interim Chancellor Lee Roberts to the quad’s center to reinstate the American flag. Tensions escalated as clashes erupted between the authorities and demonstrators. Protesters hurled water bottles and various objects at the police.

In response, the police pushed back, resorting to the use of pepper spray to disperse the crowds.

Following the police withdrawal, a small contingent of students, bearing an Israeli flag, stood guard over the American flag, protecting it from further protests.

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