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Fall In Love With The Love of God | Faith Walking

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Happy Tuesday, everybody on this second day of the New Year, listen, I grew up real churchy, you know, Church of God in Christ, real not religious, but religious. If you do something wrong God is going to throw you away. 

Bring up but also telling me that he’s gracious, kind of forgiving. It was a little confusing. I’m not going to lie. And so, you know, more of my walk with Christ was for fear of getting it wrong. Fear of missing out and going to hell or don’t wanna mess up. Did I mess up? Did she mess up? Did he mess up? Oh, I identify somebody messing up you mess up. And so you live this kind of Christian life that’s very fear based as opposed to love based, right? It’s not. I’m. I’m not serving you because I love you. I’m serving you. I’m scared of you. I’m not coming to church because I want to know more of you. I’m coming because if I don’t come, sister so and so going to talk about me. That’s just not. I just don’t think that’s the reason we love God.  

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think we love him because he first loves us. I think we love him because he because he gave his son to die. He loves us because we’re his children, you know, we love him because we trust him because he is the sovereign God. He knows the beginning from the end, he can see what I cannot. So I trust him and I love him, right. And I love that he died on the cross for my issues, for my sin and time after time in Scripture, even especially with the children of Israel. 

You see them fail and fall, and God redeemed them. Yes, they went through. Yes, they uh. You know, sometimes they went through death hell and destruction and all those things because of their disobedience. But he didn’t say I don’t love of you no more. And sometimes we’ve taught people that God won’t love he you can always come back to Jesus just like the prodigal son. You can always come back. And when he came back and that scripture in that parable the father didn’t go down the list of what you did. And till you can go here and not here and you’re silenced and sit on the side and you can’t talk in church because you met. He didn’t do that. 

He threw a party because his son got back in the presence of God. Get in the presence of God, fall in love with the love of God. Yes, we fear and reverence. God, no, we don’t want to mess up. And yes, we want to live, right? But it should not be fear-based. It should be reverence and honor. 

And trust because you love him and you don’t want to disappoint him. Not because you’re so afraid of getting it wrong. I love you. And I mean it. Let’s fall in love with the love of God.  




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