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New Year’s Message | Pastor Warryn Campbell

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GUMEC New Years Message Warryn Campbell

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This next guest is kind of special to me guys a special word from Pastor Warren Campbell. Go ahead, babe…. 


Good morning, good people. Hey, this is Warren Campbell from the California Worship Center. Get Up mornings with my lovely, wonderful wife, Erica Campbell. Thank y’all for having me today and I just want to share a little hope with you all today. Is that alright? 


This past year that we’ve just gone through moving into this next year, I look back and I realize that a lot of us not the entire year, but a lot of this year he’s going through some storms. And as a matter of fact, this year kind of felt like a storm of the year, inordinate amount of deaths and a lot of hurtin and pain. A lot of people getting sick and justice, the ugly demonic stronghold of racism in our country. All those things are storms, but I think about this. I think about the fact that yeah, the entire country, we all feel that we are in the same storm and the same body of water. But because we believe in Jesus Christ, we are not in the same boat.  

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Listen, I don’t know about you, but I got Jesus on my boat. Y’all. Remember when Jesus was in the storm and the winds were kicking up and the waves were crashing and Jesus decided to stand up in the middle of that boat in the middle of that storm. And he does something different he speaks, he speaks. He’s Jesus. The God man. He could have done anything he wanted to do. He could have nodded his head. He could have waved his hand. No, but he decided to open up his mouth and speak. And when he spoke, he did not look at the storm and call it a storm, but rather he called the storm. What he wanted it to be, he was literally the picture of Romans 4 and 17. When the Bible says he calleth those things which are not as though they were. The storm is a storm, but Jesus looks at the storm and calls it. What he wanted to be. He calls it peace. He looks at that storm and says peace be still. And if the Bible is accurate when it says that power of life and death are in the tongue. 


I do believe that we should be able to speak some different stuff. Let’s speak more in 24. Look at the storm of your life and say peace. Look at the storm of your marriage and say peace. Look at the storm of your health and say, listen, I know I’ve been having some health challenges, but I’m going to speak healing now in Jesus name. I need you to say something different. Speak different. Speak confident. Like you know God is a healer. Speak like you know God is a miracle worker.  


24, let’s let’s get one of those old 1980s cliches and say listen in 24 we gonna speak more and go big too. Let’s do some big things. Let’s talk big. Let’s confess. Big talk. yo, talk 24. I’m about to talk more. Why? Cause in 24, I’m gonna be more. I’m gonna do more. And God is gonna give me more in Jesus name. Listen, I’m Pastor Warren Campbell from the California Worship Center in Los Angeles, CA. It’s been my pleasure to hang with you listen. It’s something where you can be blessed by the listen that you love and I love this man, and I respect what God is doing in his life.  


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