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You Didn’t Ask Your Father | Ericaism

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Going to evangelistic Church of God in Christ, and I remember shootings and prayer meetings and you know, you know, many of you know shutting is when you stay at church all night and you pray and you know sometimes there’s different people who get up and exhort and encourage the people. But for the most of the evening you are on your knees praying. I remember being with one of my good girlfriends.  


Her name is Yvette went on to be with the Lord, but she would always pray for strength to endure and I remember I was in my teenage years. I was always wondering why she was always praying for that shirt to endure. What, like you wanted to battle you going to war like why you asked for that. And so I didn’t understand it then. But Ohh Jesus, you keep living and you understand praying for strength to endure.  


We understand that endurance endurance implies that you are gaining strength and there are some things that we will have to endure and God will give us strength to go through it, to handle it, to walk through it, to not give up strength, to stand strength, to hold on. Strength to pray. Sometimes for others. Strength to just keep going and I praise God that even though I didn’t understand it now I have had strength to endure many times in my life. In many seasons of my life, whether it is dealing with the loss of a loved one or transition, or, you know, I’m a first lady now having to process certain things and processing people and difficult conversations. But Jesus literally gives me strength. 


And I am so, so grateful that I don’t have to do this alone. Ephesians 610 has finally be strong in the Lord and the power of his mind, one version setting the strength of his might. My husband tells the story of my son. You know, when we first started asking him to take out the trash. He’s about 7 years old and we have these big old, you know, blue-green and black trash cans where we have to take out of the trash and it’s it’s kind of a lot. And when he was seven, he was taking out the blue. That was fine. That was the recycles and taking out the green. That was the trash. That was fine. But that, that black, that whole, it was a little heavy for him. And so I’m standing upstairs, looking out the window. 


You know and and Rosie is kind of, you know, he’s getting a little weary. He’s like dad. It’s it’s too hard. It’s too hard. And he’s telling him you’re not using all your strength. And so he was like, I am Dad, I’m trying. I’m trying. And he said you aren’t using all your strength son. And he said, but I am. And he almost started to cry and I wanted to go down and punch one because I didn’t want to see my boy. And he said you’re not using all your strength because you haven’t asked your father for help. He said you’re trying to do it by yourself. And I’m standing right here, and all you have to say is. Hey Dad, I need some help. I can’t do it by myself and so of course he went down and he helped him carry the big old trash can because it was a little help heavy. And so that is my message for you today. Some of the things that you trying to carry is just too heavy for you and you just haven’t asked a father for help. He is your strength. He is your help. He is your hope. 


You don’t have to do it through your strength, ask the Father who gives a liberally is what the word says. He will strengthen you. He will help you. He will be with you. Don’t have to do it by yourself, he said. I’ll never leave you nor forsake you. First chronicles 16 and 11 says seek the Lord and his strength. Seek his seek his presence. The Bible says continually, so you can it’s not like, well, I asked already and I I gotta do this by myself because he helped me that one time. No, it says seek his presence. He is my very present help in time of trouble. So lean on the father. That’s my Erica ISM for the day. Ladies and gentlemen love you. 




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