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Faith Walking with Guest Isabel Davis

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I’m Isabelle Davis and today’s Faith Walk is for those of you battling unforgiveness. Listen, I know as Christians just because you’re a Christian, it doesn’t mean that you won’t still battle Unforgiveness. I’ve been there. I know you can think of at least one person right now that you’re still holding a grudge against. 


You need to let go. And you know what? Sometimes it’s Christians. When we pray. God, can you help me forgive this person that really hurt me? It seems like it’s even harder, right? Sometimes it’s it feels the opposite. I’m praying for it, and it seems harder to do. But let me encourage you. Do yourself a favor. Forgive anyone who has done anything to harm you or who’s done anything to make you upset, to really, really frustrate you. 


Listen, when you forgive somebody, this is an act of faith, right? And what you can do after you forgive them is you can trust God to change and to heal your emotions. I said it. Forgiveness is an act of faith. And I know you’re thinking, man, it sounds easier said than done. But I want you to know that once you put it in God’s hands, and you forgive that person, that’s when you can start to heal. 




Scripture says it like this in Matthew 5:43 through verse 45 it says “you’ve heard it that it was said love your neighbor and hate your enemy. But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be children of your father in heaven.” Listen, guys, it’s that simple. Pray for your enemies. And then here’s the thing. A lot of times, as Christians, we say, oh, I forgave them. I forgave them. But the minute their name comes up, the minute you hear something about them, you go to talking negatively about them again. You’re rehearsing that situation so you got to remember, once you forgive and you let it go, don’t say another negative thing about that person. Don’t say another unkind thing. Then again, you can begin to move past the pain and start healing. 


I want you to know something. Remember that unforgiveness it’s like drinking poison and hoping the other person will die. You know, oftentimes, we are waiting for someone to feel guilty and it’s not always easy to forgive because sometimes you’ll never hear. I’m sorry, you’ll never hear them fess up to what they did, right. And a lot of times, their behaviors, their attitude still is the same as when they hurt you. But you know what? I want to remind you, haven’t changed at all, but I want to remind you, pray for them, bless them. And watch God turn that thing around in your life. 



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