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I am all about growth. I’m all about learning. I’m all about overcoming and being better and being honest with myself and with others and not being held hostage to my past, to what I’ve been through y’all know, I say it all the time. I grew up hearing my Mama say you can live anything Down. So anything that I’ve gone through can be a testimony can be a tool, can be a reminder of what brought what God has brought me through. 


Tina asked a question yesterday that tickled me but blessed me so good. She was in a room full of beautiful woman, she said. Is anybody here dead? Anybody here? Dead. No. Nobody dead. Probably no one said yes. So if you ain’t dead, whatever you went through did not kill you. When I told you that thing, bless the room. Whatever you’ve gone through, whatever devastated you. Whatever broke your heart, whatever made you cry? Whatever they said. However, they ignored whatever you didn’t receive it still tell you you are here. That’s why I said I’m all about growth. Lord, how can I grow from it? 

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I will never be the one that’s crying 75 years later over something somebody said right y’all and trust me, people have said some things. They have done, some things. My heart has been broken. I have been disappointed by people that I love, people that I thought supported me. You know, whether it’s home, church or old friends. But guess what I just kept living. Yeah, because I didn’t die. It didn’t kill me. It didn’t take me. It didn’t Take Me Out. It may have hurt, but I got up and kept going. That is easier for some than it is for others. I understand. And everybody, we don’t have the same level of strength. 

But you do have some you do have strength. Yeah. And if Scripture tells us all you need is faith, the size of a grain of her mustard seed, you know that small. You have a little bit of faith. Then you’ve got enough to move forward. And so no matter what you’ve gone through. You take that little bit of faith and here’s what I love about faith. It is an expandable commodity. It can always grow your capacity to believe can always grow your capacity to forgive can always grow. So I pray that your faith expands in ways that will blow your mind that will allow you to grow no matter where you are, don’t you give up on yourself because maybe you’re older in life. Don’t you give up on yourself because what you went through was so devastating and you just resolve that you will never have dot, dot, dot even though you believe that it is God’s divine order for you to have it. 


But because it is taking so long, you’ve made your own resolve. You put your own period behind it behind your life. This will never come, and it’s OK. If God didn’t say it, then I’m not saying it and I don’t care how long I have to wait, because when God comes, it’s always the right time. It’s never a waste of time to wait on your time. I’ll see it again. It’s never a waste of time to wait on your time. How you wait is everything. I pray that you have the patience to wait. I pray you still have joy while you wait, I pray that you don’t lose expectation. I pray that you put your hope in Jesus Christ and not in people and not in things. Put your hope in Jesus Christ. You don’t lose and you put your hope in Jesus Christ. Yes, our faith is in it and we love him. But our hope, our expectation, our desire for tomorrow. What is to come?Being excited about that, our hope should also be in Jesus Christ.  

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