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Ben Carson is the seriously unqualified secretary of  Department of Housing and Urban Development. The former doctor has been a complete disaster in the role — he has been protested for attempting to take away fair housing from low-income people and he’s been accused of ethic violations for his family’s involvement at HUD. Not to mention, his staff has time to attack NewsOne and even April Ryan. That said, according to conservative commentator Armstrong Williams on The Daily Signal podcast, Ben Carson is having a “positive influence” on President Trump. Here is our response:

Williams went on a delusional rant about the “remarkable” job Ben Carson is doing at HUD. And even had the nerve to say if Jesus were among us today, “Dr. Carson would be one of his disciples.” However, Williams hit a new low in the sunken place when he claims he told Carson, “‘I need you in the President’s ear talking about morality, talking about goodness’ — because he and the President have a very good relationship. I think that whether people see it or not, Dr. Carson has a very calming effect on the president. I think it’s very impactful. I think of all the things that will be said when Trump is no longer in the White House, I think the story will be told about the impact Dr. Carson’s relationship had on the President’s character, on his morality.”

In what ways has Carson been a positive influence? When Trump said “shithole” countries about Haiti and the entire continent of Africa? When he attacked Jay Z, Jemele Hill, Oprah, Maxine Waters,Colin Kaepernick and  countless others? When Trump blamed the Parkland shooting on mental health when survivors are screaming for gun control? Even outside of his rhetoric, which is far from Christ-like, how about giving tax breaks to the rich, potentially cutting food stamps to a box of rations, dismantling healthcare for millions of Americans? Furthermore, how can a so-called Christian co-sign a man who has been accused of sexual misconduct by over a dozen women and reportedly paid off porn stars? If this is what Williams considers impactful or positive, then maybe Carson is working for the man downstairs, not the man upstairs.


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