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Joys and Concerns: New York New York!

Joys & Concerns

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It’s time for Joys and Concerns with GRIFF from the Get Up Church of Our Lord, Pentecostal Non-denominational, Denominational AME CME-E and LMNOP Apostolic Church of God and Christ! Here’s what Brother GRIFF had to say about best friends!

Brother GRIFF:

Outside of the people in Newark, NJ, and New York City I’m talking to everybody else. I’m going in New York today. Super duper excited I’m a fan of everything New York, the subways, the meat that the food they sell and the little silver we call them Roach cultures and Cali. But the little there’s food everywhere. I love how you could just get a slice. They don’t force you to get a whole piece in New York, just get you a slice and keep it moving. 

I love that breakfast. I’m not even a coffee dude. But you can get you some coffee, a bagel with something on it. A croissant, a muffin, everywhere. At any bodega I’m a fan of that.  

I’m a fan of just the people from New York not tripping on people that ain’t from New York now. There’s a lot of people that say I ain’t never gonna go to New York. Trust me, New York people don’t want you. They’re not sitting around saying I really wish the people from Jacksonville would come up here not saying anything about Jacksonville but go to New York. Stop saying you ain’t going to New York cause you heard something about New York. NY is the number one city in the Union. You better go see about it. You don’t know how your life will get rained out there. 


Now it’s somebody right now that’s saying grip. I’ve never been, but I’m gonna go now. You just say Amy, alright? It’s somebody right now saying grip my momma and said don’t go, but I think I’m gonna go now too. You get say, ain’t he alright? But if you like me and you catching a flight today to the Big Apple, then you get to say aint he, all right!!! 


New York City here I come! 







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