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Sometimes I’m Overwhelmed | Ericaism

griff's prayer

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Have any of you ever just felt overwhelmed? But what you have to do, you kind of can’t get away from if you. What do you do when that happens? 

I’ve I get that feeling a lot, that feeling of you know, I’m just feeling overwhelmed, especially if I have a big weekend because there’s so many are big traveled. Itinerary because there’s so many things that can be unpredictable, especially nowadays from travel to, you know, people making their flights. 

If I’m traveling with my whole band and background singers and there’s so many things and you know, getting to the venue, things being right with promoters, there’s so many things that are literally just out of my control, and sometimes I just have to take a deep breath. 

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And I know you know that taking a deep breath doesn’t change what I have to do, but it changes me, and that is always my prayer. God, even if you don’t change the situation, change me, because that’s what he’s trying to do to make us more like him. A lot of times we’re praying that God would change the situation, that he would remove the people that he would. 


Remove the difficulty, but sometimes God puts you in the position to see if you are what you say you are. You know how when people say ohh, you know I’m just a peaceful person? I just like, I just like peace in my opinion, peace is not the absence of chaos. It’s the presence of God in the to us, so even though I may feel overwhelmed with everything that I have going on, when I realized that God has called me and chosen me and put me in this position and he’s he didn’t do it to make me look crazy or to make fun of me. It’s not some colossal cosmic Trick of God to see. If I’m going to mess up and fall apart, right? Always an opportunity for me to trust God. 


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