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Run The World Starz

Source: Run The World, Starz, Bresha Webb / Starz

The ladies of “Run The World” return to Harlem, facing career and romantic transitions. They dress for the occasion with the help of Patrica Fields, Tracey Cox, and Nadia Tulin. 

Renee Bosses Up

Run The World Starz

Source: Starz / Starz

Renee Ross, played by Bresha Webb, starts her entrepreneurship journey in a kelly green blazer with puffed sleeves. She is reclaiming her power after fighting over finances ends her marriage. 

“Renee takes chances this season. She starts the first season working a corporate job and having to stay in the confines of what she thinks is appropriate,” Webb told HelloBeautiful. Straying from her culturally clueless coworkers allows her to switch up her beauty looks without commentary. “She’s embarking on this new journey, starting her new firm. So she’s taking hair chances. She’s blonde; she’s curly. She’s doing everything that she’s ever wanted to do,” she continued. 

When the character begins dating a financial powerhouse who is packing much more than his portfolio, her look goes even bolder. She arrives at the “clearport” rocking a diva ponytail, lavender faux fur, a matching minidress with cutouts, and clear heels with giant baubles. It’s date night – the rich sex edition.

“She’s just living boldly and authentically in her own skin and apologizing for it later if she even acknowledges that there needed to be an apology,” said Webb. 

Whitney Plays With Her Style After Bouncing Back From A BreakUp

Whitney (Amber Stevens West) decides to stop punishing herself and face the humiliation of her canceled wedding with a closet refresh. Fresh highlights, feminine power-suits, ribbed two pieces, and loud chokers help usher in the post-Ola era.

It’s a hodgepodge of confusion that works with where she is on her path to “Run The World.” 

“She’s trying to figure out whether or not it’s something that she wants to fight for because she wants to just do the easy thing and go back on the path that she was on before,” Stevens explained to HelloBeautiful. 

“She’s not sure if she truly loves him or if she really blew up her whole relationship because she wants something different.” 

The character embraces uncertainty by drunkenly soliciting a tattoo from an exasperated artist (George Lott). She rocks a cabbie cab for the occasion. 

Sondi Chooses Herself In Strong Threads

Run The World Starz

Source: Run The World, Starz, Bresha Webb / Starz

Sondi’s (Corbin Reid) home life is shifting, but she has a grip on her style. “She’s making a lot of sacrifices in her personal life and in her career and this season,” Reid said in an interview. 

The academic turns to funky hats, snug knee-high boots, and interesting collars while gaining professional recognition. She lights up in a youthful jacket and skirt combo when a reporter from The Cut shows interest in her work. There’s more confidence in her choices on and off the rack this season. 

“I think the great thing about our show is we have these therapy episodes, and you see the characters come to these pivotal moments and decide what it is they need to do,” Reid added. 

“You watch them work through it, and you watch them fall on their face and grapple with it and struggle, and then you watch them come to this moment of like, oh, this is what I want.” 

Fashion Is Baked Into The Show’s DNA

Fields and Cox’s usage of clothes that captured the characters were partially responsible for the buzz of the first season.

Fields, Cox, and Tulin, helped the trio find their way to elevated aesthetics. Even the uptight fringe friend Hope (Sasha Hutchings) starts wearing slinky freakum dresses after a sexual awakening becomes a full-blown romance.  

“There were so many pieces that Tracey Cox, our designer, and our consultant, of course, Patricia Field, just was able to use on all of us,” Webb said. The series maintained its connection to the neighborhood creator Leigh Davenport is committed to celebrating. “She incorporated her own personal pieces, vintage pieces, things right out of Harlem. We worked with a lot of Black designers this season,” Webb added. 

Season two of Run The World is now streaming on Starz. 


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