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As people enjoy the jingle bells and the Christmas lights and holiday parties, it can also, unfortunately, be a season for high crime rates and unsafe conditions. But we want you to enjoy this holiday season safely with your family and friends. Here to help us this morning with tips on safety and situational awareness is Cole Parker. He’s the CEO and co-founder of “Divas In Defense Training.”


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Erica: Can you give us some tips, some safety tips on parking and parking lots and carrying bags and storing packages in our cars?

Cole: First of all, when you shop it at night, always parked in a well-lit area. You never want to leave your packages just visible in your car with someone to break the window and take them. If possible, find a friend and get them on to pretty much go shopping with you and be on schedule with you. That way if you have to go and get a lot of gifts, you have two vehicles to take to get home instead of just one. And always avoid overloading yourself with packages, like when you walk into your car because you leave yourself at bay for anything or any situation.

Erica: Give us some safety tips while getting gas at the gas station.

Cole: Well let’s start with this. Let’s put the switch a person on the floor behind maybe the passenger seat before you get out of your car, cut it off and lock the doors. So that way while you’re pumping gas, you’re not worried about anyone just pretty much sliding in taking anything of your life. In your personal lives, yes. When it comes to a situation where you just want to run in real quick, quick and grab something out to store, beverages leaving the kids in a running car in front of the store because you just want to run in right leave them at bay for any type of situation.

Erica: You also recommend that we have a safety survival kit in the car. What should be in our safety survival kit?

Cole: Well, of course, it depends on the region, right? But you want to make sure you have a flashlight. You want to make sure you have some jumper cables. You want to make sure that you have a first aid kit even like some protein bars, the bottled water, and in some situations that ice cream for things like that as well. Behind me

GRIFF: Posting on social media. I know when I go to the movies with my wife, I normally post it after I leave like I was going in.

Cole: Yeah, you know. So this is the way of the world right? So the simple thing is to check in when you’re checking out right? So when you go to a restaurant, your favorite restaurant or your favorite place, and you want to let them know that you’re there because you want them to enjoy the ambiance. Do it right before you leave, as far as posting your travel itinerary or things like that. Please don’t do that. I call it the countdown to vacation. You let everyone know in five days I’m in Jamaica,


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