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At this point, the extended political battle between incumbent Sen. Raphael Warnock and unintentional mumble rapper Herschel Walker has me feeling like Martin Luther King Jr. telling his audience, “I may not get there with you,” in reference to the “Promised Land.”

I’m just tired, y’all.

But after December 6, it will all be over. The constant campaign ads, the relentless text messages—we will be free at last from it all. Come Tuesday, we’ll either have a competent, qualified and respectful Black man representing Georgia in the U.S. Senate—or we’ll have Hershel Walker.

In the meantime, CNN has published some interesting poll numbers showing that Raphael Warnock still holds a slim lead over Walker among those likely to vote in a runoff election on Tuesday.

From CNN:

The survey shows that Walker faces widespread questions about his honesty and suffers from a negative favorability rating, while nearly half of those who back him say their vote is more about opposition to Warnock than support for Walker. Voters’ modestly more positive views of Warnock and a firmly committed base of supporters appear to boost the incumbent in the new poll.

Overall, 52% of likely voters say they plan to support Warnock in Tuesday’s runoff and 48% pick Walker. Partisans on both sides are deeply entrenched, with nearly all Democrats (99%) behind Warnock and 95% of Republicans backing Walker. Independents break in Warnock’s favor, 61% to 36%, but make up a relatively small slice of likely voters, 17%, compared with 24% in a CNN exit poll of voters in the first round of this contest last month. (Warnock finished narrowly ahead of Walker in November but without the majority of the vote needed to avoid a runoff.)

To translate all of that: White Republicans don’t really GAF about their little Black MAGA avatar, they just want their Black friend for white nationalism to beat the Black democrat. And Herschel “suffers from a negative favorability rating” because he lies like lying is the only language he speaks outside of Mushmouth-ese.

Also, someone should probably inform Sen. Lindsey Graham that Black people have spoken and we overwhelmingly stand behind Warnock and against his Ruckus-i-fied opponent. So, Graham’s notion that Walker being elected will abracadabra young Black people and children of color into the Republican party is looking more and more like a white supremacist wet dream that will never come true.

More from CNN about the poll:

White voters remain broadly behind Walker ahead of Tuesday’s election: 69% support him, with 30% backing Warnock, in the new poll, while Black voters likely to cast a ballot next week are near unanimous in their support for the Democrat (96% Warnock to 3% Walker). Those divides are similar to the racial split in the 2021 runoff during which Warnock initially won his seat, when 93% of Black voters backed him while 71% of White voters favored his Republican opponent, then-Sen. Kelly Loeffler, according to CNN’s exit poll.

There is also a wide age gap in the upcoming contest, with voters under 35 sharply behind Warnock (74% to 25%), while those 65 or older break in Walker’s favor by 26 points (63% to 37%). Younger White voters are far more closely divided than older White voters (52% Walker to 48% Warnock among White voters younger than 45, while 75% of White voters age 45 or older say they back Walker). Support for Warnock is about the same among younger and older Black voters.

White voters without college degrees are heavily behind Walker – 83% support him – while White voters with four-year degrees are closely divided, 51% Walker to 47% Warnock. White women with degrees tilt toward Warnock (53% Warnock to 44% for Walker) while White men with degrees break in Walker’s favor (58% Walker to 42% Warnock).

So, it turns out old white people who didn’t go to college are Walker’s target demographic. (Shocking, I know.)

But again, the most interesting thing about this poll is that the vast majority of Raphael Warnock voters (83 percent) say they actually support their candidate, while nearly half of Walker’s voters (47 percent) say they’re really only voting for Walker because they oppose Warnock.

Still, regardless of the fact that these poll numbers make Walker look like an after-thought candidate for senior citizen white people who just hate Warnock as much as they hate higher education, this has been a tight race, and we don’t know who will be sitting in that Senate seat when all is said in done.

This is no time to get complacent, good people of the Peach State. Go vote.


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