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Today’s Ericaism is all about “Finding Your Joy.”


The joyful heart is good like medicine it dries up the bones if your joy isn’t causing you to smile, to laugh, to be optimistic and hope field then something wrong with your joy. We say “Joy living every day, faith walk and love talking and joy living.” Why? Because the joy of the Lord is your strength it literally is. So good moments bad moments learning to find the good It helps you. When my kids are you know having a bad day and they’re bothered by something, we got a little song I go “focus on the good, focus on the good, focus on the good oh yeah, you should” and like we just smile and I tell them things like it’s impossible to be sad and jump at the same time. So just start jumping. “Ma, I don’t wanna jump,” but when they start jumping, they start laughing. Joy brings joy, right? So foster joy in your life.



Find it look for it, and attach yourself to it. Look at funny stuff. Listen, you need the joy of the Lord it brings you strength. I had it last night even though I didn’t win and then our drive back to our hotels was so hilarious because I think our driver was trying to cook as he turned the heat on you all I know what this is like I know what you’re trying to do. You try to cook us, man. We had a good time and we lost last night but who cares! We were in the room we kind of won because one of the stations, WFMV congratulations, shout out! Guess whose picture they had up there on the screen? Mine! so guess what I won anyway. Find the joy that’s what I want you to do.




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