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David & Tamela Mann

Source: Reach Media / Radio One Digital

Today, two of our favs joined us at the Get Up Church! David & Tamela Mann stopped by to drop off her new single “Finished.” When describing the song, Tamela told Erica and GRIFF. “This song means completing the work that God has started in us. A lot of times, we begin things that we don’t complete, and it’s never too late as I always say until we’re dead. As long as we’re giving our all to God and asking the Lord to complete the work. Given an over to him. He can finish it.”

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Tamela also spoke on the deluxe release of her album “Overcomer” which includes the track “Superheroes Prayer” featuring Yolonda Adams. David sheds light on his wife’s “nervousness” in the studio with the Gospel legend. We also get some insight into Tamela’s role in the musical version of the “Color Purple” movie and more!




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David & Tamela on “Superheroes Prayer” with Yolanda Adams


Tamela: You know, the Overcomer,” I’m excited because I did some collaborations this time, and I had never done before and I did “Superheros Prayer” with Yolanda Adams, and that was amazing for me to be in there with, I call her a GOAT. You know, God is one of the GOATS of gospel music, and one of our legends and it was just such a blessing to just be in the studio with her and Kirk (Franklin) wrote and Produced a song.

David: You should have seen in the studio she was nervous. She was a nervous wreck.

Tamela: It’s different when you just in there by yourself. But yeah, be with someone that I had never did a collaboration and to do with her. Really honestly, I’m always nervous when I’m getting ready to sing anyway, but I was super nervous to be in there with her.


Tamela on “The Color Purple Musical”


Tamela: Yes, filming is finished. I just finished mid July. But it was amazing. Just to see the cast and yeah, I was shot and in the 1920s. I’m playing the First Lady. It was just so funny to me because of all the clothes that we that they was wearing back in the day. And you know was hot. We have right now but I know it was hot then, they ain’t had no air conditioning. It was just so amazing for the whole cast to come together was so beautiful. Because just to be if actually the musical part of it for me to sing and dance is what’s gonna be the shocker.


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