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Marvin Sapp‘s biopic “Never Would Have Made It: The Marvin Sapp Story” is headed to TV One this August we are all excited to learn more about the Bishop. During Stellar Awards weekend, all eyes will be on Sapp including coaching one of the teams during the Celebrity Basketball Game to the red carpet on Gospel’s biggest night.

During the Get Up Morning’s Stellar Awards Kick-off at City Winery in Atlanta, Sapp gives Erica Campbell and GRIFF the details on the Film, what we will learn, and “never would have made it” moments.


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ERICA CAMPBELL: The biopic coming in next month on TV tells us you “Never Would Have Made It: The Marvin Sapp Story”, tell us about it.

MARVIN SAPP: Wow. You know, I’m amazed. I never thought in my wildest imagination that I would be the individual chosen to talk about their life. And, you know, when when the opportunity came, I said, Wow, what can I say other than I wanted to deal with my triumphs, my tragedies, my ups and downs, and wanted to be as transparent as possible about what I had to go through to get to where I am today. Because I want everybody really to realize that all of us have “never would have made it” moments. So as a little you know, what, what you went through was not to define you but it was to get to your destiny, your plan in place of purpose. So hopefully people can watch, you know, my life and see what I have to go through what has transpired and realize they can get through whatever challenges they face.

ERICA: Tell us one thing we’ll learn about you from the biopic?

SAPP: Yeah, they gone learn a lot. They don’t learn that, you know, at a young age, I didn’t dabble in drugs, but I was dealing with drugs. So I mean, they’re gonna learn a lot of stuff about Marvin Sapp that, you know, people would never really think, yeah, that I would have done especially now that everybody know me as never would have made it.

ERICA: I think that’s who God chooses to use, because it makes a testimony. If you have somebody come a never did nothing. God save me some I got saved from what? What did you endure? How do we appreciate the sunshine without the rain? How do we appreciate healing without sickness? How do you appreciate being blessed if you never been at the bottom? So the bottom is necessary. I mean, Scripture says, Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no, that means you’re going to be in the valley. So you can’t freak out or lose your mind in the valley, because the Bible tells us, you’re going to be there. Right? And so God uses those moments, I believe, to get the glory to bless you and to get the glory out of your life.

SAPP: Without question. I really appreciate the opportunity to TV One has given me be able to, you know, share my story, I was able to be a co-writer, I’m an executive producer. So I mean, this is a different lane. For me, let me just say it like that, but you know, I’ve been enjoying the process but back after I leave here, I gotta go do some things look over some edits. And you know, kind of be that guy, that guy in a different arena.



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