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They say Michael Vick is trying to redeem himself. The NFL superstar who participated in a dog-fighting ring that shot, electrocuted, drowned and slammed dogs to the ground now wants to bring home a dog as a pet.

After pleading guilty to federal dog-fighting and gambling charges, Vick served almost two years behind bars. Now he’s out on probation. The terms of that supervised release say no dogs for Vick while he’s on probation. But, when that ends in 2012, he will be free to get one.

The Humane Society of the United States says it’s too early, but if he handles his probation flawlessly, then it might be OK to get a dog for his two daughters, who reportedly have clamored for one.

The Humane Society says Vick has spoken out repeatedly to schoolchildren, warning them about the horrors of dog fighting and cruelty to animals. That’s commendable. Still, it doesn’t erase the past.

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