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Capitol Hill Supreme Court nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson

Source: The Washington Post / Getty

Ted Cruz, the senator representing Scraggly Beard USAand also Texas—had a field day grilling Ketanji Brown Jackson on critical race theory based on the fact that her daughter attends a school that apparently embraces antiracist efforts (the horror) and one where she sits on the board of trustees. (He was also grilling her on it because she’s Black. The way white Republicans attempted to put Jackson’s Blackness on trial during the confirmation hearings was despicable, but also pretty on-brand for the GOPretty-damn-racist party.)

From the New York Times:

Mr. Cruz said during the hearing that the curriculum of Georgetown Day, an expensive private school in Northwest Washington where Judge Jackson is one of 23 members of the board of trustees, was “filled and overflowing with critical race theory.” Critical race theory is an academic concept that Republicans have increasingly used as a vague, catchall term to criticize how educators infuse ideas about racism and inequality into curriculum.

Flanked on Tuesday by a blown-up page from “Antiracist Baby,” by Ibram X. Kendi, Mr. Cruz held up book after book that he described as assigned reading at the school and grilled Judge Jackson about whether she endorsed their messages.

“On Page 33, it asks the question, ‘Can we send White people back to Europe?’” Cruz pointed out, conveniently ignoring the fact that the sentiment is a response to white people telling Black people to go back to Africa. “Are you comfortable with these ideas being taught to children as young as 4?”

Anyway, the other thing Cruz left out of his verbal case study on white fragility was the fact that he too sends his daughters to a private school that embraces antiracism education.

According to the Times, St. John’s School, a private school in Houston, Texas, is also a school that is all about antiracism and even declared as much in a June 2020 Facebook post.

“St. John’s, as an institution, must be antiracist and eliminate racism of any type — including institutional racism — within our school community and beyond,” the post read.

The school board also approved a 2018 statement that says the school ensures “cultural intelligence and proficiency” for all community members and incorporates “cultural proficiency, diversity, global awareness, and inclusivity into all facets” of the curriculum.

Whaaah? Antiracist? Diversity? Institutional racism?

Holy Klanderwear and swastika tramp stamps, Great Value Wolverine, how can you let your daughters attend this institution of unbridled wokeness and still question Jackson on her school choice?

During a Wednesday interview, Cruz tried to white-hypocrite-splain to the Times that his line of questioning wasn’t meant to undermine school choice and he wasn’t suggesting action should be taken against Georgetown Day. He was just demonstrating that he thinks all things Black and antiracist are CRT—because he DOES NOT KNOW WTF CRITICAL RACE THEORY IS!

“I’m saying that Judge Jackson is on the board of a school that aggressively teaches critical race theory,” he said, “and that is an extreme and divisive theory that pits children against other children, divides us based on race, and teaches a false and revisionist history of our nation.”

First, CRT doesn’t do any of that. Second, everything race-based isn’t CRT. Third, even if the first two things weren’t true, the school where he sent his own daughters would be just as guilty as the one where Jackson sits on the board.

Untangling GOPropaganda is exhausting. It’s like: Critical race theory isn’t being taught in K-12 schools, but before we get to that we have to talk about how CRT isn’t synonymous with all things antiracism, but before we get to that we have to talk about how CRT should be taught in higher education and antiracism should be taught in K-12 schools, but before we talk about that we have to debunk conservative misinformation on what CRT and antiracism curriculum actually are—then we get to what a hypocrite Ted Cruz is.

I’m tired.


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