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Donald Chaundry has every reason to despair.

Though dealing with the deaths of four family members, he’s doing whatever he can to help his ruined country.

This weekend he led a lost Dr. Will Conner and me to Samaritan’s Purse hospital, where Conner joined a medical team flooded by waves of injured. The next day Chaundry was back in rubber gloves, holding down screaming patients and doing what he could for at least six hours. He never asked for money.

Chaundry now does everything from digging up bodies for a proper burial to translating for rescue workers to helping doctors treat his countrymen.

Today he offers to show me the destruction in his hometown, Petionville, just outside Port au Prince. A park in center of town is overflowing with the newly homeless. Boys and girls, men and women are drinking and bathing from water gushing out of a broken main.

Down a dirt road, men are digging for something in the wreckage of a crushed house.

“Look, look,” Donald said. “They looking for someone dead.”

“Every house break,” he said.