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Like health care, it should be the right of every child to get a free education, but if you’re four years and under that doesn’t apply anymore.  Now that Head Start has taken over the pre-school programs in the public school system your child has to qualify financially to be there. And for the privilege of them starting school at age four (some age three), you have to be below the poverty line, homeless or receiving federal assistance.

Well, some middle income and above parents have been caught going around the system to get their children in the program.  Since some Head Start workers were exposed in Texas and the Midwest letting children into the program (some of them guilty of nepotism), there has been a crackdown on the process and investigations of the program serving 900,000 children.

Daycare can be exceptionally high for children at this age, so it is a major help to the families that are able to participate.  Check out the report from CNN and one unemployed man’s fight to educate his daughter in the program.

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