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The Walk to Healing

John 5: 1-15

Why is it so hard for us to embrace being healed?

Is it that we find comfort in our pain? But, then why do we pray for healing? Why do we earnestly pray to God and share with others that we desire change, that we desire healing and that we desire peace of mind? It is amazing how many of us “Christians” actually live in conflict of who we claim to be and who we profess to have our trust and faith in.

Instead of pushing our way just a few feet more and plunging into our water of healing, we continue to lie on our personal mat of complacency and painful comfort with excuses as to why we are not healed. Be it public perception. Be it fear of something new. Be it the financial or sweat equity we will have to put in. Be it insecurities. Be it possibly a season of isolation. Whatever it is, we are SO close to our healing, but we choose to not make the final effort needed to receive it. Don’t you realize that your affliction is stopping you from your next level of growth in God? You know this to be true, thus the reason for the constant internal struggle.

Just like the man who was paralyzed for 38 years did. He was so close to his healing, but couldn’t make the last push to get to where he needed to be in order to be healed. Or, was it more that he wouldn’t rather than he couldn’t? To be so close, having watched others pass him by and witness them receiving the healing they sought….could it be that he chose to sit on the side…seeing what he desired, but being too afraid of what the healing would do to his existence that he chose to stay in his pain. For 38 years his affliction was his identity…it was who he was, what he talked about, how he saw himself and how others identified him. But, if he was healed, he would have to live differently, think differently, act differently, be seen differently….that is a scary thing…having to change….and, I know that is where many of us are in our own situations. The healing we desperately pray for will guide us into new and unchartered water. Truly embracing our healing will cause us to lose who we are and have been.

But, don’t you realize that that is what God wants…for you to become a new person, stronger, healed and complete. There is where our testimony lies. In our healing, we are showing all those on the side, who have been watching us, that God IS a healer, a way maker, and no shorter than his word.

Why are we fighting being healed? If we chose to keep on fighting it than, bottom-line, we need to stop saying we are a child of God. Stop saying we want to be healed. Because it is obvious we really don’t. However, do be clear that in not wanting to be healed, we are saying that we don’t want the life God has waiting for us. The ministry God wants to fulfill through us will not be fulfilled and souls will not be changed. Because at the end of the day…our life is not about us…our pain is not about us…our healing is not about us…it is about everyone we come in contact with…our advancement or our delay doesn’t just affect us, it affects everyone.

What or who is stopping you from accepting your healing? Why do you continue to allow someone’s opinion or something that you have placed greater value in interfere with God’s plan and promise for your life? Being healed will bring a greater return and reward than anything you have now or anything that someone has promised you. Don’t put your faith or trust in man, unless you know in your heart that God has directed you to.

So, if you have been asking, praying, fasting, crying and praising God for healing…pick up your mat and walk. Walk in the healing God has called you to.

Walk in faith; live in love.

Mo Wood


Monica Wood is one who faith walks even when she doesn’t want to. Through trial and error I have made some mistakes – not many are visible – but all have left a reminder of their existence. It is through the scars that I have learned what kind of faith I have and what kind of God I serve. And, for close to 4 years now I have been led to share some of my scars, during a season of “transparency”, in the form of daily or weekly or even monthly devotionals.

Over the years, I have received unsolicited feedback with surprising testimonials that were sparked by my transparent messages. All remarks and reactions have been a blessing and encouragement. However, I am led to write because I like to write out where I am and how God is working in it. Now my writings have a title, “MoMoments”. I pray this blessing will be a blessing.


Monica Wood is a business owner/entrepreneur. She is president/owner of <a href=””>MWPR, Inc</a>., a full-service woman-owned/operated Public Relations consultancy specializing in Religious and Sports PR, Brand Development and Crisis/Reputation Management. Her passions include sports, reading, spending time with her family and friends and being an active participant in various ministries in her church, The Park Church. Her personal ministry has always been mentoring young girls. In 2004, Wood created Hiz Temple™, Inc. Initially created to spread God’s word through hip clothing, Wood soon realized that God wanted HT to make a larger impact on the lives of young people. Through scripture reference I Corinthians 6:19-20, Wood expanded HT to include creative ministry workshops and travels to churches and community groups speaking to young girls and women on how to love themselves and develop a relationship with God.