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Kanye West held his first ever pep rally in North Charleston this weekend — a desperate attempt to secure a place on the South Carolina ballot that proved futile. As cell phone footage from the raggedy ass rally rolls out, we are bombarded with clips of Kanye scolding a Black woman who simply questioned his stance on gun violence in Chicago before things went awry and he suggested she was hiding her face behind her mask as he demeaned her in front of his cult followers. The moment was captured moments after Kanye praised a vocal wee-little white woman for hers. All of which occurred  during the same rant he bashed Harriet Tubman in.

“Well Harriet Tubman never actually freed the slaves,” he said before pausing to finish his ridiculous statement. “She just had the slaves go work for other white people.”

Kanye is having a mental breakdown fueled by a bunch of nincompoops who refuse to hold him accountable for not only erroneous statements as mentioned above, but his irresponsible behavior on such a massive platform.

Kanye has exposed himself, again, as the cool-n*gga-turned-coon of the decade. Kanye once boldly stated, “George Bush doesn’t care about Black people,” but guess what, “Kanye West doesn’t care bout Black women.”

Al biet, Kanye won’t be on the South Carolina ballot due to the fact her never handed in the 10,000 signatures required to make the ballot as an independent candidate, his rhetoric is on repeat this morning. From Harriet Tubman to abortion rights, his words are on replay and not in the My Dark Twisted Fantasy way. In a way that has fans questioning his sanity, his intentions and his clear issues with women…Black women in particular.

“We’re young, black women and there weren’t a lot of us in the room,” Toni Fulton, 30, told The Washington Post. Her footage of Kanye discrediting Harriet Tubman has since gone viral. “We know better than to be in a space that we’re not uplifted in. While he was saying a lot of crazy things that didn’t directly offend us, that was offensive and it wasn’t appropriate for us to be there anymore,” she added.

Fulton was among a handful of Black women, including Iesha Mars, who is the young woman seen being berated by Kanye despite her sharing the stage with a white girl who hugged despite their difference of opinion.

Kanye revealed private details about his daughter North, claiming her and Kim Kardashian considered aborting her, which was only a shameless segue into his policy on reproductive rights and Plan B. What would have been more appropriate, would have been for Kanye to mention the disproportionate rate at which Black women die during child birth than their white counterparts.

Instead, the Yeezy billionaire said, “Everybody that has a baby gets a million dollars.”

Sources told PEOPLE, Kim Kardashian is furious at the Grammy-award winning rapper. “Kim is shocked that Kanye spoke about North at the rally,” the source said. “She is furious that he shared something so private.”

But even more jarring is his disregard for history and Tubman’s legacy. In 2018, Kanye infamously declared “Slavery was a choice.” His statements were met with such backlash that he even apologized. Yet here we are again  facing another of his foolish comments and honestly, we’re tired. Isn’t Kanye the same man who proudly stuck up for Black people in the tempest of Hurricane Katrina? The same man who had got slapped with a glove by Nia Long?

It is so evident in his treatment of Black women, ie; the young woman Aisha, who explained how she felt being bullied by the rapper from the audience that he obviously values white women more than Black women. He doesn’t hesitate to diminish Black women as if Harriet Tubman isn’t a beloved historical figured. As if Iesha’s opinion didn’t matter because it was delivered with passion and conviction.

It’s clear that Kanye once cared for Black women, as he climbed the ladder on our backs. But now that’s he’s gotten so far away from his roots, he has supplemented said Black women’s backs with pillars of white validation.

And we’re not talking abut the Beyonce’s of the world, to whom Ye’ extends his respect. In the words of Twitter user @MuseGold “When we say protect Black women, we also mean the ones you’re not attracted to/not related to.”

However, Black women remain the most unprotected. Megan The Stallion shot. Breonna Taylor’s killers are still free. And Kanye West is hugging white women like a scene out of Don’t Be A Menace To South Central While Drinking Your Juice In The Hood. Lord, I Digress.

As the voice of Toni Fulton on her footage, “Yo, we leaving right now,” we’re tapping out of this sh*t show.


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