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Homeowners in West Charlotte have found a champion in their fight against gentrification and the incessant harassment by buyers and developers looking to purchase property at below market value. Her name is Attorney Alesha S. Brown.  And for people in areas such as the University Park neighborhoods and Historic West End Corridor,  Brown represents a strong voice in putting a halt to annoying pressure tactics by wealthy developers.  Brown, who founded, ‘For The Struggle Inc. to fight systemic issues of racial and social justice, has no qualms in fighting against what she feels is exploitation of Charlotte’s senior residents. With the enormous building boom dotting the landscape of the Queen City, gentrification of a host of low income neighborhoods is among the top priorities of Charlotte residents. ‘COMMUNITY VOICES’ host, Ron Holland talked with Attorney Brown about her efforts and the upcoming Elder Response Initiative, a door-to-door campaign in the Lincoln Heights neighborhood to arm residents with information on how to keep their homes.