American Flags By Tombstones At Cemetery Against Trees

Source: Michael Frizzell / EyeEm / Getty

The preservation of African-american history is crucial so that our stories are not forgotten.

16-year-old Griffin Burchard worked at Alexandria National Cemetery alongside his fellow boy scouts of Troop 4077 in Alexandria, Virginia, and noticed that another cemetery just down the street seemed to have been forgotten. Burchard learned that the Douglass Cemetery dates back to the 1820s and is the place where over 1,900 African Americans are buried.

Named for one of the most famous orators and abolitionists of all time, Frederick Douglass, Douglass Cemetery had not been maintained as well as its neighboring cemetery.  Griffin, rallied his troops to help and decided that cleaning up and repairing the Douglass Cemetery would be the mission that would earn him his Eagle Scout status.
Churches and other nonprofits typically care for cemeteries, there are few resources available from city or state government. Thanks to Griffin’s efforts, city officials have obtained a $10,000 grant from the state of Virginia to properly honor the people buried there.Read the full story here

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