Mitigating Crohns Disease with Essential Spices

Alonzo Hill

Source: Alonzo Hill/ Ron Holland

Hundreds of thousands of Americans suffer from inflammatory bowel disease.  Well over 700,000 people in the United States live with Crohns, a disease that inflames the small intestines and causes significant abdominal pain, rectal bleeding, weight loss; fatigue and other ailments.  Mitigating both the onset and symptoms of Crohns is the valiant work of health enthusiast Alonzo Hill, Founder of ‘Zolingo’s Spice for Life’ health and nutritional products. Hill, who nearly succumbed to Crohns years ago, developed a number of spices and products that helped to free him of synthetic medications. ‘COMMUNITY VOICES’ host, Ron Holland talked with Alonzo Hill about a disease that nearly caused his death and the nutritional program that helps to painful inflammation impacting millions of Americans.


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