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Tuesday marked the crucial midterm elections, and while Republicans were clearly afraid of the blue wave of Democrats, African-Americans were likely more focused on the Black wave of voters in Florida, Georgia, Texas and all over the country. Therefore, it was laughable when the very party that has tried so hard to suppress the Black vote acted as if race doesn’t exist. Bakari Sellers had to shut this down on CNN Monday night.

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The political commentator was acknowledging the clear and present racism in Trump’s latest campaign ad, which CNN has refused to air. That was when deeply delusional Trump worshiper Steve Cortes said, “I don’t think it’s racist because America is not a race. We’re a multiracial.”

Thankfully, Sellers cut off Cortes and replied with, “No, I’m Black. Let’s get this clear. We’ve got a bunch of races up here and I am not about the whole colorblind thing.”

Cortes then tried whitesplain that we are “all Americans” and imply that race didn’t matter.

Sellers asked, “Have you heard of slavery?”Cortes tried to say that no one is a slave, which is when Sellers gave him a history lesson.

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“First of all, I’m African-American, I’m Black. I understand that my family came in from the West Coast of Africa. We went through bondage, slavery, rape, and pillaging. Then we went through Jim Crow, we went through slave codes,” he said. “So now we’re at this point where we have 400 years of degradation, oppression and slavery — and the fact that I have to explain that on national TV is amazing.”

Cortes then pivoted to immigration and open borders, the latter of which does not exist. Watch the foolishness below and let this inspire you to vote:

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