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National Diabetes Awareness Month has begun and unfortunately there are over 30 million people living with the disease. Dr. Griffin Rodgers stopped by “Get Up! Mornings with Erica Campbell,” to speak about not only about diabetes, but how we can possibly prevent it as well as control it when we’re diagnosed.

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Many don’t know, but Gestational diabetes effects a lot of women during their pregnancy. Dr. Griffin mentioned that after delivering the baby it can possibly go away, but for some women it stays. He even spoke about how women and children remain at risk to get type 2 diabetes in the future.

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Moreover, if you’re diagnosed with gestational diabetes it’s best to go get tested 12 weeks after delivering the baby. For the women that aren’t diagnosed with it after giving birth, Dr. Griffin recommends you get tested every 3 years. As time goes on if you’re pre-diabetic, you should be getting tested once a year.

Lastly, Dr. Griffin shared some advice on how to fight diabetes. He recommends making lifestyle changes such as going to the doctor, eating better and exercising. Erica Campbell mentioned that today we’re exposed to a lot of processed foods and chemicals. Dr. Griffin would like everyone to be aware of what we’re putting in their body and will continue to deliver information that can change as well as save lives.

Check out some desserts made into healthy smoothies below!


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