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I swear Zora (Lovie Simone) makes you want to grab her, shake her and yell LISTEN TO YOUR MOMMA LITTLE GIRL!

But she’s 18 now and you can’t tell her nothing. All she knows is she’s leaving and her boo is on his way to pick her up. She walks out of her grandparents’ house determined to be grown, and heads down to the front gate with one suitcase like she’s going off to college. But, nope, she’s going to meet her Isaiah (Roshon Fegan).

Lady Mae (Lynn Whitfield) isn’t letting her go without a fight though.

She walks with her down to the front gate pleading with Zora not to go. In the midst of them going back and forth with the gatekeeper as Zora’s yelling “open the gate”, while Mae’s yelling “Don’t you open that gate,” Zora’s parents pull up.

They hop out the car thinking Zora’s packed up to come back home with them. But here comes Isaiah driving up all recklessly and Zora can’t wait to get in his car.

When they all see him, everybody else starts panicking.

Kerissa (Kim Hawthorne) tries talking some sense into Zora with her gentle motherly words, while Jacob (Lamman Rucker) wants to lay hands on Isaiah like he did the last time. Once Jacob starts approaches, this fool Isaiah jumps out with his cell phone in his hand.

This is the part where you start yelling at the TV like, No this dude didn’t just go live on social media to show his followers he’s about to be attacked.Then had the nerve to call Jacob a fat ass and Lady Mae an “old lady”? (Disrespectful kids!)

Once they realize there’s really nothing they can do, Kerissa gives her personal cell phone to Zora to keep with her just in case she needs to call and this punk ass little boy Isaiah takes the phone and throws it out the window.

Kerissa and Mae decide to get in the car and go after them. They figure the two teenagers will eventually go back to his parents’ house, because that’s what teenagers do, and they were right. While Isaiah is in the house and Zora’s in the car, Kerissa walks over to the car and tries one last time to reach out to her daughter.

She reminisces about the days when Zora was a baby and all the hopes and dreams she had for her life. Kerissa pleads with her not to throw it all away for a boy who beats her. Zora’s not listening and decides this is where she wants to be so Kerissa walks away, heartbroken. I’m so sad for Zora because nothing good will come of this.

Meanwhile, Jacob has another problem to deal with over at the church with Miss Tasha (Asia’h Epperson). She thinks because they kissed there may be something for real between them. Jacob shuts that down real quick and tells her that nothing like that will ever happen again.

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