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Syleena Johnson has been in the music industry for years and currently is a host on the TV One show “Sister Circle.” She spoke with “Get Up! Mornings with Erica Campbell,” about her new book ‘The Weight Is Over,’ where she shared stories of battling a low self-esteem as well as trying different diets to make others happy. Johnson mentioned that she’s gone through ups and downs in her weight and she’s finally happy just being her.

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She realized years ago that the mental battle of weight is tied to self-love. Johnson said, “We have to look into the mirror and be okay with what God gave us, then we can decide to change or improve it.” She spoke to Erica Campbell about how she never thought anything was wrong with her body until entering the entertainment industry. She was about five foot ten and weighed 185 pounds. During that time a lot of the female entertainers were five foot two and weighed 115 pounds.

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For years she tried to compete with something that isn’t possible. She began loving herself for who she is especially after meeting her husband. Johnson mentioned to Erica that if he could love her however she looked then she needed to learn how to love herself the same way. She also spoke about how you get tired of trying to impress others and begin to care for yourself more.

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