Will Charlotte’s Economic Boom Benefit all City Residents?

Rodney McGill, Tamela Brown and Lisa Lee

Source: Tamela Brown, Rodney McGill and Lisa Lee/ Ron Holland

Whether it’s commercial development or projects for affordable housing, the landscape of Charlotte is riding the trajectory of change.  But with the bevy of multi-million dollar building projects uptown and in various corridors of the Queen City, is Charlotte losing its charm?  The more important question – especially for city leaders – will this huge change benefit all of the city’s residents? ‘COMMUNITY VOICES’ host, Ron Holland delved into these questions with Rodney McGill, Founder and President of the Community Unity Center 100, LLC.  The CUC 100 is a collaboration of over 30 different groups in the city.  McGill and his Executive Board Members, Tamala Brown and Lisa Lee have an expressed concern that certain sections of the city will be left out of Charlotte’s economic boom.


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