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In celebration of Black History Month, UAW Ford is recognizing African Americans who have paved the way for others!

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UAW Ford recognizes Nelson Jack Edwards –

Nelson Jack Edwards

Source: Witek / Detroit Public Library

Nelson “Jack” Edwards was Vice President of the UAW and a founder of the Coalition of Black Trade Unionists. Nelson was born in 1917 on a farm in Lowndes County, Alabama. In 1937 he moved to Detroit and worked at the Chrysler plant where he became active in the local union. Inspired by his brother John who had told him the union was doing good things, Edwards began his union career during the union growth of the 1930s. Nelson became the first black man to become a vice-president of the UAW and long-time civil rights champion. He was silenced by a gunman in 1974 but his achievements are monumental and continue for all to emulate and build on.

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