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Fall is here and it’s time to think ahead to the holiday/vacation season, which feels like it’s on the way in about 5 minutes. It’s about time to consider your holiday pics on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Surely, you don’t want to look crazy, or have anyone wonder who the old lady is who showed up in your photos.

Not to mention the holidays provide plenty of events for socializing and networking, so don’t you want to look good IRL (that’s In Real Life, for those of you who don’t speak abbreviations)? Or maybe you’ve heard about that FB group, Beard Game Matters and want to get your look up so you can post a thirst trap pic.

Well, we’ve got you. One of the ways you can upgrade your look is by improving the things that people immediately see and judge you on accordingly. Since hair is worth its own column, we’re going to focus on skin and how you can make it look dewy and youthful. Teeth, too are one of the first things you get judge on. So here are a few tools to help you achieve that grown-up glow up.


As you likely know, dental care is essential to overall health. In Cardi B’s monster hit, “Bodak Yellow” she talks about how her glow-up came via a dental upgrade, done by Dr. Catrise Austin, a friend of the TJMS. You may also recognize that, as Ms. B rhymed, it’s expensive. So unless you’ve saved up, you may not be able to do what Cardi did. But you can at least take better care of your teeth, keep up and whiten them up without going to the dentist. (Although, you know you should.)


There are a lot of positive YouTube reviews of Crest Whitestrips. The ones I tried out came with a UV light that was supposed to help your teeth get even whiter. It was a fairly easy process – you place the plastic strip over your top and bottom teeth and insert the whitening mouthpiece across your teeth. When it works, it should whiten up your teeth.

Unfortunately for me, the strips themselves made my gums so sore that I could only do it for about two or three days. Did my teeth look a little whiter? I would say yes, but given my experience, I’d suggest trying them out for a day or two and seeing if you can take them. If not, you may want to check out another brand or invest in doing the procedure professionally.

Crest Whitestrips  $69.99



I can’t believe it took me this long to brush with an electric toothbrush. If you are still using a manual toothbrush, do yourself a favor and throw it out, unless your dentist tells you differently. Not only did it seem that the whitening toothpaste I do use worked more effectively, since I couldn’t use the Whitestrips, it also kept me brushing longer and made me feel like brushing my teeth was, well, kind fun.

My teeth also felt so clean that when I first starting using the brush, I’d sometimes walk out the door without remembering to brush. Oral B has added Bluetooth technology that allows you, via an associated app, to monitor your daily brushing and follow along as you brush each quadrant of your mouth. It also scrolls news and weather headlines, which are a great way to start the day. The only issue there is that it comes with a suction cup phone mount for your mirror and I’ve never, even seen any suction cup mount work for that long, and this is no exception. But maybe your mirror is better than mine.

Oral B electric toothbrush $156

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