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“I believe you go where you are celebrated,” said 15-time Stellar Award winning keyboardist Ben Tankard about his choice of featured artists on his new album Full Tank 3: CanTANKerous. “(I picked them) not because their singles are popular and can sell records but they’re friends of mine.”

The featured artists on Grammy Award nominated Tankard’s new album are saxophonist Gerald Albright and Grammy Award winning Take 6. Other featured artists include saxophonist Paul Taylor, saxophonist Cord Martin and guitarist Phil Hughley.

Ben was a basketball star who injured his knee and was forced to turn to his first love – music. During his years in the business, he’s become known as the father of gospel jazz. Tankard stated that the new album is based on his best-selling book The Full Tank Life: Fuel Your Dreams-Ignite Your Destiny.

Also a pastor at The Destiny Center in Tennessee, Ben is starring in his own reality show Thicker Than Water on the Bravo Network. Full Tank 3 is released on his own label Ben-Jamin’ Universal Music/Central South.

Tankard believes people should live a “full-tank” life.

“This is year four. Next season we’re dropping the ‘thicker than water’ part because there are so many versions,” he said about his family reality show. “We are just going to call it ‘The Tankards’ in season four…Thank you for supporting.”

In 1990, when Tankard was 25 years old, he signed a third grade school teacher to his label whom we know today as Yolanda Adams. He produced her first 4 projects. He credits Yolanda’s success for bringing his own talents to the spotlight and was the first artist credited with releasing a full instrumental album combining gospel and jazz.

Other artists he has produced and collaborated with include Take 6, Fred Hammond, Kelly Price, John p. Kee, Shirley Murdock and Gerald Albright. He taught himself how to play the piano and how to produce. This amazing man is also a pilot, flies himself to most of his concerts.

The Ben Tankard Tour is underway he will be arriving in Tallahassee for the Full Tank Concert on June 24, 2017; Denver at the Night of Hope with Joe Osteen on July 7th; Denver at Potter’s House on July 9th; Chicago at the Night of Hope with Joel Osteen on August 11th; Milwaukee for the Full Tank Concert on August 12th, and back to Chicago for Living Word CC with Bill Winston on August 13th. You can find more information about the “Full Tank 3” album release and the Ben Tankard Tour by logging onto 

If you want to worship at The Destiny Center log onto

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