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By John Love


Your yearning will always fly you to the space where your yes and no meet.

You will never get to your destination of yes by hopping on the shuttle to no.

You already know what the luxury ride to yes feels like. So…

See it, smell it, taste, touch it, hear it.

Enjoy it.

Breathe it.

Enjoy it.

Feel it.

Enjoy it.

Allow it.

Enjoy it.

Bathe in it.

Enjoy it.

Star in the movie of it.

Enjoy it.

Languish, languish, languish in it.

Enjoy it.

Radiate it.

Enjoy it.

Flow with it.

Enjoy it.

Go and glow with it.

Enjoy it.

To yes…there is no other ticket available….good thing you don’t need one.

Pick your seat, settle into the vibration, and enjoy the ride.

Breathe. Allow. Be Awed. Allow. Feeeel It. Allow. Flow. Allow. Enjoy.

John Love Jr. is a Charlotte-based actor, poet and meditative guide. Find him on Facebook.

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